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About Us

Over the last several years Plastic Developments Pty Ltd has become involved in the rapidly advancing area of lithium batteries, and the associated controllers.


With the advances in Lithium battery technology, it is now possible to use normal high end CCTV cameras, with all their inbuilt features, in an environment

that would traditionally have required the provision of power to a site, or, the use of bulky and heavy lead acid or gel cells.  Plastic Developments Pty Ltd has

developed a range of battery packs and controllers that provide optimum power to weight ratio for this market.


As a result of this development, we can now offer a series of options of RDC (rapidly deployable cameras) for use in many areas that would, until now, have been costly and

time consuming to provide CCTV coverage.


To date, the most popular application is the installation of units to monitor relatively short term events, such as, public events, public spaces, private parties etc.

where there is a need to identify perpetrators of “hooning”, vandalism, and other anti-social behaviour.


In this scenario the units are deployed fully charged, and left to monitor the scene until they shut down. Time can be up to 4 – 5 days’ dependent on, type of camera fitted and size of lithium power supply fitted.  All footage is captured on an internal SD card; these will record without “over writing” for up to 4 days. The footage is accessed, via an easily accessible Ethernet port, when the unit is collected.


All models feature inbuilt charging regulation to avoid the possibility of damage to the lithium power supply, and are charged using the mains power supply that is supplied with the unit.

When charging an LED indicator will be illuminated, once fully charged this will go off, indicating the unit is fully charged.  The internal charging regulation avoids any chance of overcharging the unit, even if the unit is left plugged into the mains.


The standard unit is fitted with 2.4 Ghz wireless so as to facilitate set up, once fastened up in a suitable location the operator logs into the camera, using any smart device, phone or tablet to ensure that the camera is monitoring the desired area.  Smart phone / tablet apps are available for all popular cameras.


Alternative setups:


For the monitoring of larger sites or events it is possible to connect several units via a mesh network and establish a base unit that can consist of an NVR for recording the camera feed rather than recording to the SD on the cameras.  In this situation it is then possible to create remote access to all cameras and to playback recorded vision via the NVR, given that the base unit has an internet connectivity.


Individual cameras can be supplied with 4G connectivity; however, it must be noted that the cost of 4G data in the M2M environment can be extremely high. This is not an issue if the units are configured to detect an event, then notify the appropriate person, either by email or SMS. The amount of data transmitted is relatively low, provided the camera settings are configured correctly.




Alternative power supplies:


Solar:  The inbuilt charging control system that is used, in all models, will allow the direct connection of a suitable solar panel directly to the unit. No other charging controller is required.


Intermittent:  In certain applications, power may be available at certain times, a typical example of this is a camera mounted on a light pole.  During the day the camera will run using the on board       power pack, however at night when the street light turns on, then the mains power is used to charge the on board power pack.  This is done using the same weatherproof charger that is supplied with the camera unit.


These possible variations may be tailored to suit individual requirements, so let’s see if we are able to provide the CCTV solution you need.